We've updated our coronavirus content and contacted existing organisers

Posted on 8 January, 2021

Co-operate Weeknotes  

Our vision... 

To create the one place to go to make things happen in local communities 

This week we: 

  • updated our coronavirus content and added banners to signpost  

  • encouraged organisers to claim their activity so they can self-serve  

  • continued to remodel our data for activity booking  

  • welcomed Kyle and Mary to the team 

Coronavirus co​ntent

As we unfortunately moved back into another lockdown, we reinstated the banners across the site. On activity and group detail pages we’re encouraging participants to check with organisers if the activity or group is still going ahead. On the homepage and landing pages you can find ways to help your community.

We’re continually adding to this page when we hear of helpful resources. It’s proven useful over the past 9 months reaching 16,000 pageviews. 

Claiming activities 

We’re building a service where organisers of community groups can manage their activities and attendees through Co-operate. To do this we need each listing to be managed by the organiser so that we can successfully connect them to attendees.

We currently have a lot of old activities from the early days which are unmanaged, out of date or no longer running. We’ve reached out to each organiser to encourage them to create an account and claim their activity so that they can start to manage their listing. 

This will result in a clean database of activities that are up to date and managed by the organiser, ready for participants to start signing up. 

Remodelling our data

18 months ago we came up with a simple way of representing repeating activities. 

To support booking places at activities, we’ve had to completely remodel how this data is represented and stored. This work is now complete, allowing for the booking feature to be built.

Although most activities in the system are one-offs, or weekly repeats, we now have a flexible data model (that uses a subset of the RFC5545 standard) and can be extended in future.

This will place our event handling at feature parity with services like Eventbrite and Meetup, as well as hopefully being familiar to users of calendar software like Google Cal and O365 calendar. 

Kyle and Mary 👋

This week we welcomed Kyle, UX designer and Mary, Content Designer to the team. We’re super excited to have them both onboard. 

Hope you all have a restful weekend.

The Co-operate team

Posted by Jen on 8 January, 2021

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