We're ready for Local Community Fund applications

Posted on 23 April, 2021

Co-operate weeknotes  

Our vision... 

To create the one place to go to make things happen in local communities  

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This week we: 

·         Ran a Skill Up session with Member Pioneers 

·         Had a play back of our recent research with prospective organisers 

·         Geared up for Local Community Fund applications opening soon 

·         Synthesised ideas from our missions workshops

Stats this week 

·         Groups +87 

·         Activities +24 

·         Users +199

Growth graph 

Ran a Skill Up session with Member Pioneers 

On Monday evening we ran our second Skill Up session with Member Pioneers. The turn out was great with 173 attendees joining. We co-presented with Steve, a Member Pioneer, who shared his experience of promoting Co-operate.

Play back of Organiser Research 

We spoke to 9 prospective organisers, these are people who are running groups or events, but not currently using Co-operate. We wanted to get into the organiser mindset, learn about their approach to organising groups or events, find out which tools they use, and what their needs and frustrations are. 

Some of our key findings: Collaboration and communication are two key elements in creating successful community events. These may seem obvious qualities, but research has shown them to be very nuanced and multifaceted areas that need to be fully considered in the next iteration of our build. 

LCF applications 

The Local Community Fund applications are opening soon. As well as making sure the user journeys are all well tested and last minute issues are sorted out, we’ve prepared emails to send out to our existing users to let them know about this funding opportunity.

Co-operate + Missions 

One of our goals is to get more people engaging in their local community. We recently ran some workshops with our Community & Values mission teams to try and capture their vision and ideas they have and to understand how we can support the delivery of these community missions on Co-operate. And, as a result, drive more participation in communities. 

Last week, we filtered through the ideas that came out of each mission workshop to: align priorities, identify quick wins and future opportunities, see if there are any overlaps and common themes and to understand which ideas can provide the most value. 

Show and Tell 

Watch our latest Show & Tell here: https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/03271c63-0e11-4963-8bca-f554d5b53740


The Co-operate team 

Posted by Robyn Golding on 23 April, 2021

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