Week notes 29 November 2019

Posted on 29 November, 2019

This week...

  • 2019 in numbers  

  • ‘How to’, our set of guides to help organisers, is live  

  • Live chat now available 

  • Latest newsletters have been created and sent 

  • Where’s Natalie been 

Co-operate background 

Stronger communities are at the heart of the Co-op strategy, so we’re going to completely reinvent what commercial, community partnerships should be. 

Being a co-op, we believe that more co-operation will improve our local communities. 

Co-operation is harder than it needs to be, so we're going to make it easier. 

The idea is that we build an initial range of tools or features and learn which ones truly impact a community. These tools need to be as real as we can make them so we can really understand what users do, instead of what they might tell us. 

Find out more on our About page. 

Our impact so far in numbers  

As we head into the last few weeks of the year, we thought we’d take a look at our year to date in numbers, before the eggnog kicks in... 

Since we launched in July  

11,131 total sessions     6,042 total page views  

60% bounce rate            2.5 avg. pages per session  

01:29 avg. duration per session  


5 towns (traffic split) 

Stretford 49%   Urmston 13%   Sale 12%    Bollington 5% 

Altrincham 1% (unpromoted)     

Given Stretford was our original trial location it makes sense that area has drummed up the highest percentage of traffic since the launch of Co-operate. We trialed different methods to raise awareness during the early days when we just had a Stretford listing page, but of all forms of promotion, leaflets are still generating traffic 3 months on. We’re replicating what worked well in Stretford, in Urmston and Sale to see if they have the same impact on the ground. We’re also going one step further and testing door drops hoping that one on one time with a user in their home with few distractions may increase performance and further our knowledge in where to place our print efforts as we scale.  

We’ve watched the other trial areas grow organically through advocacy as we’ve learned what works in different communities. We can start to see that similar communities such as Urmston and Sale can thrive on organisers. Whereas our trial in Bollington (our first rural community) had an accelerated launch through their Member Pioneer (tick) but momentum has slowed highlighting the different dynamics in a more rural location, potentially impacting performance.  

We currently have 

155 events live (+15% WoW)    

4 volunteering opportunities live (+33% WoW) 

302 people subscribed to our newsletter 

Helping event organisers across the UK 

Our ‘how to’ guides are now live 🎉 

You can see them at: https://co-operate.coop.co.uk/how-to/  

We wanted to start helping organisers as soon as possible, so we went live with an MVP focused on getting the core advice and content out into the world. We’ve got lots of great features to add richness and really bring them to life. 

We’ll be keeping an eye on the engagement and the impact these guides are having with organisers by monitoring: 

  • which sections and guides are proving popular by visits and time on page 

  • which guides are receiving positive feedback 

  • which guides are getting improvement suggestions 

  • whether organisers choose to share their stories with us 

We want the guides to increase:

  • the number of organisers who visit Co-operate 

  • the number of events added to What’s Happening 

  • the number and quality of events taking place around the UK 

  • the number of volunteering opportunities added  

  • engagement with local Member Pioneers 

This week has really felt like the Co-operate digital platform has transformed from an events listing website and moved one step closer to being ‘the one place to go to make things happen in the community.’  

We can’t wait to see our ‘how to’ guides help inexperienced organisers run great events.  

Live chat now available 

We added live chat to the website in the form of Intercom. Intercom allows us to speak directly with people using our website and this enables us to ask them for feedback, as well as help them with anything they may need help with such as adding an event.  

We have started by asking people why they are here and if we can help. After one day live we already had our first customer speak with us which resulted in them adding a few events, so this was a great start. As we move forward we will be expanding our use of Intercom to help people add events more directly and also gather feedback on events themselves and more. 

Latest newsletters have been created and sent 

We now have a total of 303 subscribers in 2 locations. 

This week we’ve sent out our:

  • 4th newsletter for Trafford 

  • 2nd newsletter for Bollington 

Stats for our Oct issue 

Our open rate is good but we need to increase our click rate.  



We’re looking at automation for the next issue to make the process a little easier for us. We also need to test the ‘editorial’ aspect of the newsletter. Does it add anything? It’s not influencing click throughs right now. 

NEWS JUST IN! We had 0.0% click rate on the Bollington newsletter Oct issue. We've only just sent out the Nov issue out and we have 25.9% click rate. 

Where’s Natalie been? 

My week started off with meeting Emma from Calm Connections CIC a non profit company that works with families to strengthen relationships and support young people’s positive wellbeing and mental health. Emma’s main challenge has been initially making herself known and then showing the impact and success that she’s had so far it. This would help her get more people involved, build her credibility and help her get more funding. Reporting impact is also a challenge that both we and our Member Pioneers have too.  

I also spoke to two Trafford businesses who are creating events for their local communities through their businesses. Interestingly Dave from Bakehouse 32 in Stretford is not even open yet and he is already engaging the community in his plans for helping to tackle food poverty. He believes that getting advice and buy in from the community before launching is key to the success of his plans, I’ve asked him to check our How to guide and give us some feedback. 

Kin Café in Urmston are 2 weeks into their ‘Kinnect’ event which aims to get people together to talk. Each Wednesday at 10am they reserve a table for people to get together at and connect, although they have had a great response over social media about what they are doing, and have identified the need to promote their event offline to reach those who would benefit from it, they are yet to have anyone attend the event. They have listed their event on Co-operate.  

That’s it for this week, I’m off to get my Xmas lights up...  


Posted by Ben on 29 November, 2019