We built the first version of a customer profile

Posted on 29 May, 2020

This week... 

  • Update in numbers 

  • Co-operate profile – edit your details  

  • New Group pages update 

  • Local Community Fund applications 

  • Co-op Members’ Coronavirus Fund 

Our vision 

For people that care about their community 

Who want to join forces to get things done  

Co-operate is a national community centre for co-operation  

That connects people in and across communities with one another to make things happen 

Unlike a physical community centre restricted by geography and funding, or a community digital platform distracted by monetisation  

Our product is created with communities, for communities, and is owned by communities 

The lockdown may mean communities cannot come together in person, but our mission - to help people make good things happen in communities - has never been more crucial.  

We want to start a new cooperation movement across each community in the UK. 

Read more on our updated About page. 

Update in numbers  

Total users are down 42% week on week (WOW) following a spike in users to the site on the 18th May, with traffic predominantly coming via email and an increase in new users. Returning users have increased slightly again WOW. 

Overall number of pageviews were also down by 59% WOW, again due to the drop in traffic. 

Average session duration increased again WOW, with the home page receiving the highest number of pageviews with dwell time on the page increasing by 6% WOW. 

how-to-be-a-co-op-food-delivery-volunteer/ remains as the most viewed how to guide, followed by ‘How to volunteer safely’ and ‘How to keep your child entertained at home’’. 

Number of activities added this week 3, that’s 362 in total. 

Edit your details  

We found that when users signed up to the volunteering matching service they quickly wanted to change their details or preferences. Changes would include: 

  • Typed their name incorrectly 

  • Change phone number 

  • Change preferred store to collect food from 

Instead of the team managing the inbox and handling data on a frequent basis we built the first version of customer profile. A user can now login with the credentials they created their account with and edit their details. 

This is the first step towards self-serve and will enable future developments such as community organisers being able to manage their own activity listings as well as participants manage their preferences.  

Group pages update 

We shared the latest designs for the new Group pages that we will be adding to the platform. 

This week we have focused on getting the ‘Add your group’ form ready. Unless people fill that out we’ll have no Group pages to list!    That is now live and ready. We haven’t linked to it from the website yet but can now start to include it in emails to our current Co-operate users. 

Have a look, fill it out if you run a community group, or pass the link to someone who does:    https://co-operate.coop.co.uk/add-your-group/ 

Behind the scenes, Rich has preparing Contentful and it’s Zapier integration with Smartsurvey, so that the group’s information can go straight to a draft entry ready for moderation. 

Here is an example of a what a group page could look like: 

Local Community Fund applications 

Today we started taking applications for the next round of the Local Community Fund. This time we have collaborated with the Digital Membership team to offer all applicants opportunity to add their community group to Co-operate too.     So, after they have completed their application for funding we share the benefits of having a page on Co-operate and a link to our brand new ‘Add your Group’ form: 

In the last round around 120,000 local groups applied for funding for their projects, so this is a huge opportunity to kick start our community groups listings but more importantly start to support local groups with the things they need other than funding. 

Co-op Members’ Coronavirus Fund 

Last Monday the Communities team started emailing previous local causes offering them the chance to apply for a £500 grant to help with any Coronavirus related activities they are running. This money came from Members who chose to donate their 5% to help during the crisis.     We built the application form on Co-operate and within it we also asked whether these groups would be interested in having a Group page on Co-operate. 

Out of the 159 applications so far, 139 have indicated that they are interested in having a Group page. We’ll send them a link to our new form this week. 

Hope you enjoy the rest of the sunshine before we get some refreshing rain. 

The Co-operate team  

Posted by Rachael on 29 May, 2020

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