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Posted on 12 February, 2021

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This week we: 

·         Continued our work on our activity attendance feature 

·         Came up with a plan to update our How to guides page 

·         Looked ahead to improving our forms 

·         Have some stats to share! 

Activity attendance 

We mentioned a few weeks ago that cancelling activities would be the next piece to tackle. The designs for this have been refined this week after a few chats with Fred, Ali and Alex, giving us a much better understanding of how it will look and work for organisers (at least for a base version that we’ll be able to learn and iterate from in future). 

This, as well as being able to edit the date and time of an activity, highlighted how participants will be notified about certain changes/updates to activities and is something for us to really start to explore in the coming weeks. 

How to optimize the how to guides page 

Our ‘how to’ guides landing page will soon be undergoing a bit of a makeover after Mary had identified some pain points and areas we could improve to quickly increase visibility of guides. We’ve worked on updating the design to see whether moving the categories section higher up the landing page helps visitors find the right content they want to read. 


We got the ball rolling with how we could improve our ‘adding an activity or group’ forms - essentially how we might go about merging both forms into one, digestible form (kudos to Rachel and Jo for the quality content work). 

Jan stats

·         Total sessions: 14,227 (+14%) 

·         Total Users: 11,526 (+9%) 

·         Retention: 16% (+18%) 

·         Total number of groups: 3803 (-18%) 

January spikes more people looking for things to do which was enhanced by another national lockdown being announced. Coronavirus support content was shared widely on social, promoted heavily by our Member Pioneers. 

We’ve seen a drop in groups due to unclaimed activities from legacy data.  Similar category trends have continued since December however online activities have spiked in January. 

If you’re interested in more stats you might like to watch our latest Show & Tell where we introduce our new monthly stats report:

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Posted by Robyn Golding on 12 February, 2021

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