Partnerships we've been exploring

Posted on 7 August, 2020

This week... 

Our vision 

For people that care about their community 

Who want to join forces to get things done  

Co-operate is a national community centre for co-operation  

That connects people in and across communities with one another to make things happen 

Unlike a physical community centre restricted by geography and funding, or a community digital platform distracted by monetisation  

Our product is created with communities, for communities, and is owned by communities

Read more on our updated About page.

This week in numbers

📊 Total sessions are down by 33% week on week due to a marketing push last week to our local causes (2,508 vs 3,772) but organic continues to increase by 2%

🙋🏽 The add your group form remains the most popular page due to last weeks push but that is closely followed by individual group pages (e.g. Clipstone Miners Welfare Community Trust and Friends of Mossbrook School Foms) which means organisers are sharing their pages with their network - some reaching nearly 100 visits in the last week 

📢 Facebook referral and direct are now our largest sources of traffic which reflect the finding that organisers are sharing their pages once live

Building our own forms - time and date picker

We have been busy building new implementations of the ‘Add your group’ and ‘Add your activity’ forms. This will post data straight into the Co-operate backend as part of our migration away from using Contentful and towards minimal moderation and more user-controlled content. 🙌 

The frontend parts of the new forms are now functional, but currently not yet live. This week the focus has been on implementing a new UI to capture the dates and times of activities - which can actually be quite complex - such as “Mondays at 3pm, and every second Tuesday at 7pm”!

Previously, a free-text field allowed users to enter a description of their activity time and date, which then had to be interpreted by a human moderator and entered into Contentful - a time consuming process. The new UI will allow users to accurately select all their activity times and dates without the need for any further moderation.

Preparing user research for next week – we're speaking with organisers🕵️‍♀️   

Next week we are carrying out remote research with organisers over Zoom. We are hoping to test our new journeys, with steps that include: 

  • Testing the new homepage 

  • Looking at our new login 

  • Adding a group and activity 

  • Profile management 

  • Editing the site

🏃This week has been busy. Recruiting participants, writing the discussion guide, prototyping and building in preparation.

📱 For the testing we will be using a mobile screenshare over Zoom.

👀 The slots will be from 10am - 5pm on Thursday 13th August. For anyone who would like to observe or who needs more details please contact Catherine Malpass. 

📅 We will then be testing with participants on Thursday 20th August to see how they interact with our new features and prototype.  

Partnerships we've been exploring this week 

Hello it’s Rachael here 👋 

For the last month or so I’ve been exploring opportunities for external partnership collaborations with other like-minded organisations. 

There’s a couple of promising opportunities in the pipeline that I wanted to share. 

Camden council  

Back in February which seems like a lifetime ago we were in conversation with Camden council to set-up a trial in a few boroughs, we had to hit pause on this but we’re excited to picking up discussions.

Camden has some wards where there are active community led forums and we’re excited to see how communities will want to use Co-operate to help showcase what's going on their local area. We’re also interested to learn whether we see different retention rates in communities dependent upon different community dynamics. There are lots to learn and we’re excited to be collaborating with a council that’s actively looking at ways to engage community participation.  

Business in the Community (BITC) 

BITC is the oldest and largest business-led membership organisation dedicated to responsible business. As part of the pandemic response, BITC set up the national business response network (NBRN) and so we’ve been having some positive discussions to see how we could help connect business offers of help with local community groups asks for equipment and resources they need.  

There are also several place-based initiatives as well so we’re exploring where we might be able to trial a collaboration.  

Co-operative societies  

Last but by no means least are our fellow Co-operators! Did you know there are around 7,000 Co-operatives In the UK! 

Co-operate showcases the Co-operative principles of Co-operation amongst Co-operatives and a concern for the community. With that in mind, I’m looking at how we can collaborate with other Co-operatives both through our national Co-operatives UK network and other Co-operative businesses. So watch this space.  

Have a great weekend everyone 👋 


Posted by Jen on 7 August, 2020

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