Learning from our volunteer database

Posted on 12 June, 2020

This week... 

  • Update in numbers 

  • Group listings 

  • Gathering volunteer insights 

  • Engaging Member Pioneers

Our vision 

For people that care about their community 

Who want to join forces to get things done  

Co-operate is a national community centre for co-operation  

That connects people in and across communities with one another to make things happen 

Unlike a physical community centre restricted by geography and funding, or a community digital platform distracted by monetisation  

Our product is created with communities, for communities, and is owned by communities 

The lockdown may mean communities cannot come together in person, but our mission - to help people make good things happen in communities - has never been more crucial.  

We want to start a new co-operation movement across each community in the UK.

Read more on our updated About page. 

Update in numbers  

  • Total sessions are up +18% (2,042 vs 1,734) week on week (WOW).  

  • User split is 81% New vs 19% Returning visits.  

  • Despite the dip in the number of returning users, traffic to the site has increased for the third consecutive week. Total users were up +23% WOW due to a large increase in new users to the sit at +30% (1,506 vs 1,162) WOW. This is due to an increase in traffic from social and direct, promoting the group pages having gone live, in turn increasing the number of groups added this week. 

  • Pageviews to Inspiring Stories have increased +29% WOW, encouraging users to add new groups/activities additions as we have seen above, as well as an increase of +117% in views on Offer Support 

  • Number of online activities added this week is 10, that’s 394 in total, we are working on we can help Member Pioneers encourage their network to add activities to increase this rate.  

  • Number of ‘Add your group’ forms completed 518, in two weeks. 

 Group listings are now live  

As you know, we encouraged groups applying for the Co-op Local Community Fund to add their group to Co-operate. So far, 518 have completed the form!

We’ve now created a listings page for users to navigate and search for groups in their local area. You can give it a go here. This week we’ll be busy adding groups to the listings which is still a part manual process. If you know of any groups in your local area, you can send them the add your local group form to get their group listed.

Engaging Member Pioneers 

With the pivot that Co-operate has made since Covid-19, it has become apparent that we need the help of Member Pioneers to reach hyper-local community content on a national scale. Member Pioneers have been asked to share Co-operate through their forums and social media platforms to engage their communities. 

However, since we have had little engagement with Member Pioneers prior to Covid-19 we have found this has highlighted a few issues. Member Pioneers: 

  • Don't understand what Co-operate is trying to do and what it offers 

  • Find it hard to articulate the benefits of using Co-operate to their community 

  • Don't give their networks a consistent message about what Co-operate is 

  • Don't have a way to reach out to Co-operate to ask questions/ give feedback 

We realised that not only do we need to ‘educate’ Member Pioneers on what Co-operate is and how it fits into the bigger Co-op picture, but we also needed to get their buy-in so that they were empowered to share it with their communities. 

In order to educate Member Pioneers, we have created a video to explain Co-operate's mission. It explains how Member Pioneers can help us shape it and a call to action to share Co-operate with their communities. 

This was showcased to 74 Member Pioneer Co-ordinators and Member Pioneer Managers today during their virtual meeting. 

During this meeting, Neil Williams also announced that he will be the ‘Co-operate Lead’ in the Member Pioneer structure, which will mean that we can start to build a two-way relationship with Member Pioneers, learning from them and keeping them up to date with all our exciting work.

We are also in the process of creating a ‘How to’ guide for Member Pioneers to help them talk to their community about Co-operate. This will include several promotional assets such as posters, Twibbons and Facebook profile frames so that they can easily share Co-operate in a consistent way with their communities. 

Learning from our volunteer database 

As we think about what volunteering looks like for Co-operate post COVID we’ve drafted several surveys to send out to the thousands of volunteers who originally registered their interest to helping someone in need. We want to know if they managed to help anyone through the local signposting we provided and gain insight into other tasks they’d be interested in moving forward. To do this we’ll send a smart survey to gather general themes and feelings around coming out of lockdown and their motivations. 

As part of the ongoing work to centralise our data in a more robust, secure way and move towards a self-serve service, we’ll also be making modifications to profile. A user will be able to update their personal information and preferences (such as opting in and out of volunteering opportunities) themselves. This will allow us to have a long-term view of who our users are and how they’re interacting with Co-operate through login.  

Have a great week everyone

The Co-operate team 

Posted by Jen on 12 June, 2020

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