Designs for activity attendance and improving our ‘How to’ guides

Posted on 22 January, 2021

Co-operate Weeknotes  

Our vision... 

To create the one place to go to make things happen in local communities  

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This week we: 

  • refined our designs for the activity attendance feature 

  • started reviewing the ‘How to’ guides on Co-operate 

  • celebrated Jody’s 2nd week on the team ️🥳  

  • watched the final presentation from the Community and Co-operate Customer Experience team 

Activity attendance 

In its current form, Co-operate is essentially a local activities repository – it gives organisers the ability to add and manage local, community driven activities and potential participants the ability to search for these activities. Giving users more control of activities is a big step towards realising our vision, and that’s where activity attendance comes in.

Since the start of the new year, we’ve worked on refining the designs Ryan had worked on before Christmas – from how a participant would book their attendance to how an organiser would view a list of attendees and all the finer details in-between. There are a few tweaks left, but after a design review and a 3 amigos session this week, most of the designs are now at a stage where they can be picked up and start to be built.

Sticky situation 

Recurring activities proved to be a bit of a sticky point, especially how they are to be displayed (either in one, main parent activity page, or as individual, date-specific pages). After some healthy deliberation and discussion around the options, we settled that the former designs would be the best option in terms of the user experience. Cancelling individual dates within a recurring activity will probably be the next debate. 

Searching for an answer 

The discussion did however highlight the issue of how individual dates in a recurring activity aren’t surfaced well enough, with the search results page (and the way activity listings are) being an area we think could be improved. Showing all date instances for an activity, instead of displaying an activity once, could resolve this issue.

Bigger (and better) picture 

With activity attendance being a core functionality going forward, it’s impacted the design and experience of other areas of the platform which we’ve had to consider in the designs, such as how activities are viewed in a user’s account, or how the experience for an organiser is made easier when adding and editing an activity. Ultimately though, activity attendance is something that’s going to open more opportunities for us to provide greater value to our users. 

Co-operate ‘How to’ guides 

How to help users: 

  • find the guides quicker and easier 

  • get the information they need  

  • know what to do next  

 These are the goals for this piece of work.

Step 1: Take stock 

To start, we created an inventory of what guides we have and where they live.  

  This told us that: 

  • there are 41 guides on Co-operate, explaining how to do things like volunteer safely and set up an online activity 

  • some are organised into categories that reflect user tasks, others appear on the page for users to browse 

  • as well as the ‘How to’ guide page, we feature guides on the homepage and add your activity or group page 

  • we last added a guide to Co-operate in June 2020   

Step 2: Audit 

Next, we analysed the quality and effectiveness of the content. This meant delving into the data to see how people are using (or not using) the guides. And checking that each guide meets user needs and best practices.  

Here’s what we found: 

  • the categories are hard to find – only 5% of visitors to the ‘How to’ guides page click on a category 

  • category names could be more intuitive – switching from single nouns like ‘Promotion’ to action phrases like ‘Promote your event’ 

  • some guides are in the wrong place – a person wanting to add a group or activity to Co-operate isn’t likely to need cooking and baking inspiration at that point 

  • gaps in content – we know that organisers are really struggling with funding due to COVID-19, which is why we’re creating a guide to help 

  • missing or stock images – on Co-operate we like to use real photos that our users submit 

  Step 3: Create a plan 

The good news is lots of these changes will be quick to implement. So, we’re getting straight to work. After they’re done, we’ll keep checking to make sure Co-operate users can find the right guides, in the right place, at the right time.  

Coming soon: ‘How to raise funds during COVID-19’. 

Jody our new user researcher 

This week was Jody’s 2nd full week with the Co-operate team. Jody’s been diving deep into all our previous research, reading all the great thinking that has already gone into the project. He’s also been meeting the wider Co-op team via interactive online workshops and sitting in on strategy workshops, soaking it all up.

He starts his 3rd week with eager anticipation and is excited to be a part of the Co-operate team, feeding into the next stage of the product’s evolution.   

Catch up on the final presentation from the Community and Co-operate Customer Experience team 

On Monday the team gave a brilliant presentation summing up all their work from the past couple of months. You can watch from our Stream page here:  (our previous show and tells are also available). 

Thanks for reading!

The Co-operate team 

Posted by Robyn Golding on 22 January, 2021

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