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Posted on 17 July, 2020

This week...

  • Update in numbers

  • Group pages, emails and feedback

  • Training CBS to moderate group listing pages

  • Content standards

  • Goodbye to Ustwo

Our vision

For people that care about their community 

Who want to join forces to get things done  

Co-operate is a national community centre for co-operation  

That connects people in and across communities with one another to make things happen 

Unlike a physical community centre restricted by geography and funding, or a community digital platform distracted by monetisation  

Our product is created with communities, for communities, and is owned by communities 

The lockdown may mean communities cannot come together in person, but our mission - to help people make good things happen in communities - has never been more crucial.  

We want to start a new co-operation movement across each community in the UK. 

Read more on our updated About page.

Update in numbers

  • Total number Sessions: +235% week on week (4,647 vs 1,387)

  • Returning users: +125% week on week (641 vs 285) 


  • Number of activities added this week: 10 

  • Total number of activities: 446


  • Number of groups added last week: 77 

  • Total number of groups added: 2487 

Group pages, emails and feedback

We’ve begun emailing group organisers who’ve submitted content for a group page to let them know their pages have been published on Co-operate. 

The click through rate from the emails stands at 51% (545 clicks) with an open rate at just below 70%. We’ve emailed 1065 organisers so far. 

In response we received several emails requesting amends to pages. This suggests there is some demand to be able edit group pages (at least once!) and so helps validate the plan to make group pages editable by organisers. 

Training CBS to moderate group listing pages

We ventured back into 1AS this week to run a training session with 8 people from CBS.  

They’re going to help us get through the backlog of community groups that have uploaded their details to Co-operate. 

Currently 2,428 groups have filled in the Add your group form. We’ve moderated about 1,300 of those but still have a lot to do. 

The training session involved an in depth session on the 2 systems they’ll use: Smartsurvey and Contentful. We also took them through the process step by step. 

And most importantly we explained to them why they’re doing this. To help make the user generated content on Co-operate as accessible as it can be. Their work is incredibly valuable to community groups. 

This training document will also help them.  

They all seem unphased and up for it!

Content standards

Jo and Rachel are working on ways we can improve the user generated content we’re getting on the site. This is so moderation of content can be managed without taking up too much resource. 

If we are to be the most accessible website we can be, we need to help the thousands of community groups adding their groups or activities to the site, present themselves in the best way possible. 

We’re experimenting with content prompts and reveals within the Add your activity and Add your group forms. We’re also working out whether presenting content standards before they complete the forms will help.  

Goodbye to Ustwo

Monday 20th July was Marisa, Louise, Michael and Gayane’s last day with us on Co-operate. We wouldn’t have achieved what we did in the last few months without them and we’ll miss having them around! The good news is that Dan is going to continue working with us 1 day a week in his product role. 

Have a great week 

The Co-operate team 

Posted by Robyn Golding on 17 July, 2020

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