We created a Virtual Youth Club

Last updated: 27 July, 2020

Lockdown has been very hard for children and especially those who were already struggling. We know that prevention and early intervention are by far the most effective ways to work.

That’s why we dedicate so much effort to working with children and young people before, or as soon, as concerns arise.  

Throughout the crisis we’ve been making every effort to support children and young people remotely with issues relating to their education, family and friends, and their emotional wellbeing. 

We’ve done this through welfare phone calls, messages and a new Virtual Youth Club. This Facebook group has helped to support young people during lockdown by sharing important information, signposting, advice as well as fun activities.  

It has included links to resources for families and blogs from youth workers sharing ideas of how to keep busy. Our young people have found this resource invaluable in staying connected and positive during this time.    You can view the Virtual Youth Club

The Eikon CharityEikon Virtual Youth Club

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