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Volunteering has lifted people’s moods

Blacon Action Team is a collaboration with other agencies and charities in Blacon to set up a food service for those struggling in this crisis.  

Last updated: 4 June, 2020

Tina Upton
Blacon Action Team

People can collect food parcels from us, and we deliver food to those who are unable to get out and don’t have someone who can collect for them. 

We quickly built this service from nothing and now over 330 households are registered. 36 volunteers assist (either in one of the hubs or making deliveries). Up to now we’ve provided food for over 2,800 people.

This has enabled many people to keep their families from going hungry at a time of significant hardship. There’s also the opportunity of a valuable weekly contact with some vulnerable people who may be living on their own and have nobody else to speak to.

Some people who’ve volunteered have benefited from being able to get out of their home. We’ve seen someone with very low mood and poor self esteem grow greatly in confidence over the weeks. They now feel much brighter and more outgoing as a result. 

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