Talking Elephants Group provides a listening ear

Last updated: 2 November, 2020

We’ve created the Talking Elephants Group with a local Vicar (Steve) and some of our volunteers.

The group provides an opportunity for people who are bereaved, particularly those during Covid, who have been unable to speak freely and openly about their loss. 

We provide a listening ear, but also a bowl of warm soup and a hot bread roll. We can't give them a hug during these times but we hope that this small gesture begins to make those affected feel affection from our group. 

The group is open to all in our community and despite its links to the church, is not linked to any faith groups. 

In these times I think it’s important to reach out. It’s easy to sit by and expect others to help, but with volunteering comes such rewards for both the volunteer and the groups they are involved with.  

You don't ever realise you’re making a difference, or can make a difference, until someone tells you!

Sarah PeberdayTalking Elephants at Wells Community Hospital Trust

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