Bringing together food groups

Last updated: 8 June, 2022

Member Pioneer, Jacqueline Evans, saw an appeal on social media. Brownedge Christians Together Foodbank were appealing for slow cooker recipes.

Jacqueline knew of a local cause that might be able to help. Tippy Toes Baby Bank is receiving funding from Co-op to buy slow cookers and provide recipes and food parcels to families in need. The aim is to encourage parents to cook homemade food for the family. 

She set up a meeting for Brownedge Christians Together Foodbank and Tippy Toes Baby Bank. Tippy Toes donated the recipe packs and the groups discussed shared issues such as premises, supporting families with food and cooking and social opportunities.  

Jacqueline shared the Full Time Meals initiative by Marcus Rashford & Tom Kerridge for more recipes that might appeal to young families. 

This is an inspiring example of two groups coming together to co-operate and make good things happen.

Sue BarkerLancashire Co-op Member Pioneers

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