An extra special performance for Ruby

Last updated: 2 November, 2020

The Creative Minds Community aims to stage a musical in 24 hours. This year was slightly different! 

We completed a 24-hour Community Challenge where 60 participants joined the production team over Zoom and completed 24 challenges in 24 hours.  

Our 'finale' was extra special and we performed (socially distanced and wearing masks) in an empty shopping centre in Camberley. We had no audience, but we signed a version of 'Seasons of Love' for one of our youngest participants ever.  

Ruby who is not yet 1, has recently received a cochlear implant and it was for Ruby that we learned the sign language to this song. Theatre is for everyone and we wanted to make an inclusive and accessible event – which we did in that one moment. 

Ruby didn't really understand what the challenge was all about – and she slept for some of it – but the impact of our signing to her was amazing and we all dissolved when she signed back!    This event brings so much joy to participants, performers and audience alike. It also brings stress, frustration, tears and a lot of laughter, but the end result is an overwhelming sense of pride in our achievement. 

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