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Last updated: 2 July, 2020

WASP (Wellbeing Action Support Project) is a young people’s service at Sunderland Mind. We aim to raise awareness of mental health and build resilience in Sunderland’s young people aged 7 to18 and prevent their issues from becoming unmanageable.

Currently we provide support through our centre based groups and Just a Minute Listening Ear service. We work closely with their families and guardians, providing regular and flexible 1 to1 support. We also work in 3 secondary schools across Sunderland, offering teacher and peer mentoring training alongside lunch projects.    WASP has provided a safe space for young people, giving them somewhere to reach out to when tackling mental health or wellbeing issues. Because of this, many of the young people we interact with now understand the value of their mental health and actively challenging the stigmatisation they witness, acting as role models for their peers. 

 Improvements have also been seen in their self-confidence, mental wellbeing, self-esteem and emotion regulation, with young people finding the techniques delivered influential in controlling issues like anger and reducing anxiety.    The time you give through volunteering is always appreciated and incredibly rewarding. Especially in areas like Sunderland where community spirit is so richly ingrained in their city. 

Vic AustinWASP (Wellbeing Action Support Project)

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