Work out the things you need help with

Volunteers are essential to help you run your event. There’ll be people you need on the day of your event and those who are part of your main team.

Last updated: 6 April, 2021

Working out the things you need help with on the day will help: 

  • your activity run smoothly 

  • your volunteers feel more confident about what they need to do

  • your volunteers understand how their contribution adds to the success of the activity

  • you work out if you need any specific skills  

Make a list of jobs

Consider everything that needs to happen on the day, even if there’s only a chance you might need help with it.  

Things like: 

  • washing up 

  • collecting rubbish 

  • setting up and putting away chairs and tables 

  • carrying heavy equipment 

  • first aid 

  • working on stalls 

  • collecting tickets and money

  • organising activities 

  • cleaning up after the activity

  • helping with transport for people and equipment 

Make sure you: 

  • ask people what they’d be most comfortable doing 

  • provide suggestions of roles for volunteers to choose from 

  • make a list of jobs and volunteer names  

  • give everyone a copy of this list on the day so they know each other’s roles 

  • give a job to at least 1 volunteer 

  • have someone in charge of timings to check how it’s all going 

  • do not give yourself things to do on the day  

  • always have someone ‘spare’ who can deal with anything unexpected  

Decide how many volunteers you need 

Your list will help you work out how many volunteers you’ll need on the day. 

Volunteers will bring different skills and personalities. You’ll need a balance of people for your activity to run smoothly.  

Too many volunteers might make people feel uncomfortable. But make sure you have more than enough for the jobs that need doing. 

We’ve always found you cannot have too many volunteers. Each person brings a new talent, skill or benefit. I find the hard part is delegating the tasks to the person who will do it best

Mel17th North East Manchester Brownies

Think about how often you’ll need volunteers 

If it’s a one-off activity then you might need people only for the day. 

But if you’ve decided it’s a regular activity your community want, you’ll need people to help regularly. 

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