Understand the needs of your volunteers

People give up their time to volunteer. They do this for a reason that’s personal to them.

Last updated: 31 March, 2020

They might want to: 

  • make friends and socialise 

  • increase skills and knowledge or get experience on their CV 

  • give something to their community 

  • try something different and have fun 

  • keep fit or improve their health  

  • feel a sense of belonging, be part of a team and their community 

Often a personal connection to the cause or a life event like retirement or bereavement will make someone want to volunteer. 

Whatever their reason, it’s important that: 

  • the volunteer is suitable for the role 

  • it's something they want to do 

  • they're allowed to volunteer in a way they feel comfortable

  • you're up front about what you need them to do 

For more advice look at Communicate with your volunteers

Volunteering allowed people to come together, be creative and learn new skills that they could share with others

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