Find volunteers for your activity

Thinking about what you need from your volunteers will make it easier to find them.

Last updated: 7 April, 2022

By working out the tasks you need help with you’ll know if you need specialist skills or not. 

Different types of communication will attract people in different ways so think about who you’re aiming your volunteering opportunities at. Look at Work out who your audience is for more information. 

Think about the places in your community people visit: 

  • Libraries 

  • GP surgeries 

  • Dentists 

  • Community meetings 

  • Schools, colleges and universities. Are they studying courses that are relevant to your event?   

  • Cafés and bars 

  • Local businesses 

People often volunteer for causes they believe in. It’s important you get your message right when telling people about your event. Also choose the right communication channel to reach potential volunteers. 

We tend to find volunteers through 2 main channels: social media and posters on noticeboards in key places in the community like the library and community centre

KarenCycling without Age

Find other groups doing something that complements your activity

Look for similar groups and organisations where people already volunteer. 

You might be able to work with a group who meets the same needs in your area or deals with the same target audience.  

Many groups and charities have a volunteering service with specific roles for their volunteers. They may be able to offer your activity as an opportunity to their volunteers. 

Look at Find support from local businesses and community groups for a list of people and groups where you might find people. 

I got great support from the local community and managed to find 100 volunteers through contacting local running clubs

ClaireUrmston 5K Fun Run and Walk

Ask people in your own network 

Whatever you ask your volunteers to do, you’ll need people you can rely on.  

You might already have a network of contacts so use them. 

A lot of my volunteer coaches were found through my own social network. One is my podiatrist, one is a close friend, and another is someone that contacted me about an article I'd written in a running magazine


Advertise on volunteering websites 

There are websites where you can advertise your volunteering opportunities and find volunteers.  

Be clear about what you need and when you need people to get the best response. 

Use this site to advertise your volunteering opportunity for free. Add your group and reach thousands of people.

Check out our volunteer page to see existing volunteering opportunities on Co-operate.

Here a few other websites to try:

Share your story

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