Work out the kind of venue you need for your activity

Choosing a venue that’s suitable is vital to your event’s success.

Last updated: 6 April, 2021

Working out the kind of venue you need will: 

  • help you find the right one for your target audience 

  • allow you to promote your activity well in advance

  • give you options to add activities or increase the number of people

  • help you choose the right location to make your activity more accessible  

The Sip Club promotes the relaxed friendly atmosphere that we want to create in our group. It was free to use and the space can be adapted easily for our use

PhilStretford Uke

Think about the size of the venue

Look at your activity plan then think about: 

  • the number of people you’re expecting 

  • how much space you’ll need to run your activity safely 

  • the activities you’d like to include 

  • the food and drink you’ll be providing 

  • the other community groups or organisations that might attend 

  • the height of the venue. Will it limit the activities you can do? 

  • whether there’s enough storage space  

We’re hoping that we’ll be able to help businesses understand how they should set out their space so that it’s more user friendly to those suffering with anxiety or mental health problems

EmmaThe Brew and Chill

Think about the location of the venue

Consider the needs of your target audience, the people you want to come to your activity. 

Think about whether: 

  • you can get to the location by public transport 

  • there's parking nearby and how much it costs 

  • the location would attract people passing by 

  • the venue is already established as a ‘community space’ 

Gorse Hill Methodist Church is a good central location to run Sherenades as it’s really accessible by public transport. Not everyone drives

PamelaSherenades Dance Troupe

Think about the facilities at the venue

Make sure the space: 

  • is accessible for people with mobility issues, older people, people with prams, pushchairs or wheelchairs 

  • is the right temperature for the time of year. Has heating for winter and ventilation for summer 

  • has toilets, including disabled toilets 

  • has equipment and space to serve food and drink 

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