Look for a venue

Getting this right could be crucial to the success of your event.

Last updated: 6 April, 2021

If you’ve worked out the kind of venue you need and decided how much to spend, it will focus your search.  

We use St Matthew’s Hall as our venue in Stretford because it’s a central location which is easy to reach through public transport. The curtains in the room stop echoes causing us a problem, it’s well-lit so easier for us to lip read, and there’s room to put up a projector screen for the classes. We're also charged reasonable rates to use the room

DavidTrafford Hard of Hearing

Community venues

Community venues are often more affordable. You might be able to negotiate discounted rates or even hire space for free. 

Here’s a suggested list of places to look: 

  • Libraries 

  • Pubs and clubs 

  • Churches and halls 

  • Community fire stations 

  • Gyms, leisure centres and sports clubs 

  • Theatres 

  • Local businesses. They might give you discounted rates in return for promotion of their business at your event 

  • Schools, colleges and universities. Some Co-op Academies have spaces available to hire 

  • Scout huts and youth clubs 

  • Cafes 

  • Parks, allotments 

  • Some Co-op food stores have community rooms you can hire. Find your local Co-op store 

Make sure you ask people in your network. They’ll know more about affordable venues available in your community. Find a list of people and organisations you could ask in Find support from local businesses and community groups

Find a venue online 

Search on MyCommunitySpace website. It’s for non profit organisations who want to rent out or hire a venue. 

Co-op's Endangered Spaces Campaign 

Co-op recognise that our community shared spaces are under threat. Find out more about its partnership with Locality, the national network of community organisations, to save, improve and protect spaces. 

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