“Quizzes are a great way to bring communities, friends and family together. Having organised quizzes for over 5 years for charity, I’ve witnessed first-hand how connecting people can contribute to someone’s wellbeing."

Jonathan StuartMental health advocate and expert quiz master

Why host a community quiz?

What’s in it for you?

Hosting a quiz means you can:

  • share your passion, perhaps on a subject you’re particularly interested in

  • boost your confidence with an audience

  • be creative, which is great for wellbeing

  • get better at presenting

  • bring your community together

  • make a real difference by raising money for charity

What’s in it for your community?

Quizzes can:

  • bring different people together

  • build morale, belonging and participation

  • improve mental wellbeing and resilience by learning new information

  • improve wellbeing by interacting socially with those around you

  • bring excitement to people’s day!

What you need

Jonathan says:

  • a venue

“I have used Zoom – the video conferencing tool, as well as venues in the community to host my quizzes. There are lots of guides on using Zoom to help your virtual quiz. You can also look at our How to set up an online activity guide. Alternatively, you could use your local pub, social club or a local community centre if they have well thought out Covid measures in place to ensure the safety of everyone attending. Make sure to book any entertainment you need early and that the venue has a public entertainment licence.”

  • willing helpers

“Ask people to help you with the organisation of the event –selling tickets and assistance at the event whether it’s virtual or in a venue. The more volunteers you have to help, the easier it will be.”

  • questions

“Every quiz needs questions – have fun researching your chosen topic or theme. You could even ask people ahead of time to submit questions to you to see what people are interested in learning about or sharing with others.”

  • a timer

“Time flies when you’re having fun, so keep a tab on how long each section is taking to keep the event punctual and ticking along."

  • enthusiasm and fun

“It’s amazing seeing so much fun, laughter and positive interaction among the teams. It's great knowing that you've helped to create that while fundraising for great charities along the way. Well, that's 10 bonus points!"

Before you start

1Decide what kind of quiz you’d like to host

Will you use our quiz template or write your own quiz questions? Will there be a music round or a fancy-dress theme like ‘disco’? Give it a name that might entice people to join in like “Let’s get quizzical!”

Decide your questions, group them into themed rounds and give your quiz event a name.

2Spread the word about your event

Share your event on social media, advertise it on a Facebook community group, in the local press or on your company’s intranet. Decide on the number and the cost of tickets.

3Fundraise for mental health charities

Ask quizzers to donate the ticket price to charity. To boost donations you could find other ways to fundraise on the night such as an auction or a raffle.

4Get some prizes

If your quiz is for charity, try asking local businesses or services if they’re willing to donate a prize in return for a mention at the quiz. You could ask your local Co-op. Or, try posting on local community forums or social media groups to see if anyone would be willing to donate a prize to a good cause.

During the quiz

1Explain the structure of the event

Do this right at the start. Let people know what to expect and give a taster of the fun that’s on the horizon. You can let them know how many rounds you’ll have as well as potential prizes for the winners. Include a break halfway through.

2Read questions clearly and slowly

When you’re reading the questions or mc’ing the event, speak clearly and slowly. Ask if anyone would like any questions repeated at the end.

3Run a test session with your friends and family

Make sure all your equipment works, that you’re confident using the technology, and that you’re sure of the structure of the session.

After the quiz

1Thank people for coming and let them know how much you raised

Once you’ve collected everyone’s entry money, send your donations to the charity you were raising money for.

For example, you can send money to these mental health charities that are supporting communities across the UK:

Go to Co-op's fundraising page to find all the JustGiving links for these charities.

And be proud of your achievement!

2Let other people know how it went

Encourage more people to come along next time by letting others know what they missed.

3Ask your community for feedback

Do a survey or poll on social media so you can make your quiz night better next time. Is there a theme or style of quiz your community would particularly enjoy?

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"Building stronger social connections in your life can increase feelings of happiness and self-worth.”

Jonathan Stuartmental health advocate and expert quiz master

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