Work out who your audience is

Last updated: 3 February, 2020

Getting this right will help you: 

  • promote your event in the right places, so you’re reaching people who’ll want to come 

  • explain how you’re going to make a difference to the people who come to your event 

  • create the right type of promotion for your target audience  

Culture Champions is trying to reduce social isolation in people over the age of 50. We’ve advertised in places we think socially isolated people would be accessing like GP surgeries and churches

JessicaCulture Champion Co-ordinator

How to work out who you want to reach 

Think about who you’re trying to communicate with. Is it the people who’ll come to your event? Or is it others who’ll tell those people about your event and maybe bring them to it? 

For example, family members might be interested in activities for their older or younger relatives. 

Work out who has a need for your event and who’s most likely to come.

Think about: 

  • Age  

  • Location 

  • Gender 

  • Income 

  • Education  

  • Marital or family status 

  • Job 

  • Ethnic background 

Also think about their personal characteristics: 

  • Personality 

  • Attitudes 

  • Values 

  • Interests and hobbies 

  • Lifestyles 

  • Behaviour 

Your audience won’t always live in the community where your event will be held. 

You’ll have already learnt a lot about your potential audience if you talked to the community about your event idea

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