Share the success of your activity

It’s easy to think that promotion stops when your event is over. But your event will be more successful for years to come if you tell people about the lives you've helped change.

Last updated: 6 April, 2021

Sharing the success of your activity: 

  • helps people to understand how your event benefited the community, which will encourage more people to get involved in future activities 

  • is great for raising awareness of your cause 

  • will help you get funding and volunteers for future activities

  • might encourage more people in your community to put on similar activities because they can see it worked 

Share your story on Co-operate and on the different communication channels you used to promote your activity in the first place. 

We have a Facebook page where people can see photos and videos of what the children have been doing. This helps to promote the group and allows parents to know what their money goes towards. We also do a presentation at the end of the year to show families how much the children have achieved

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Share your story

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