Talk to your community about your activity idea

Last updated: 6 April, 2021

Talking to your community before you start to plan your activity will: 

  • help you get to know the ideas and concerns of the people you want to help 

  • give you confidence that you’re doing something that meets a need in your community 

  • give you valuable insight and support for your idea 

  • might help you find team members, volunteers and people to help promote your activity

  • might help you to fund your activity

I wanted to ask the community if this was something they needed so I put a survey together and sent it to people in the village

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Ask yourself what need you're trying to meet

If you’ve already talked to your community about their needs, you’ll understand more about the need you're trying to meet. 

Think about: 

  • the positive changes that might happen to the people attending your activity

  • the positive effect those changes will have on your community as a whole 

This will help you understand how to promote your activity effectively when you get to that point. 

To help you find out more about the needs in your community, look at: 

  • local council websites which give statistics about your local area. Find local councils by postcode at 

Different ways to reach your community 

Before you reach out to your community, think about your audience – who you’re trying to reach.  

People are part of many different communities. It’s not all about where they live. They could be part of an online community or they might see their place of work as their community. 

This will help you: 

Look at Work out who your audience is for more information.

Which influential people you should speak to 

Finding influential people can make it easier to connect with the community.  

These people are probably well known, pro-active and already involved in different community groups and projects. 

For more information on where to find influential people, look at Find support from local businesses and community groups.

What to ask the community 

Here are some potential questions you could ask: 

  • What is good about your community? 

  • What does your community need the most? 

  • Do you think there’s a need for this idea in your community? 

  • Has it been done or tried before? 

  • What do you think about the idea? 

  • Do you have any concerns? 

  • What are your ideas? 

  • Who do you know that might be able to help? 

  • Would you attend the activity? 

  • How would you like to help? 

Using free online survey makers can help you manage the responses you get. 

Here a few to try: 

Adapt your activity based on what the community says 

Once you’ve talked to the community about your idea, you need to show them you’ve listened by making changes to your activity based on their feedback. 

Asking people what they think will make them feel included and less likely to give negative feedback when you promote your activity.

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