Build a team to help you organise your activity

You can’t organise your event alone, so having a team you trust is important.

Last updated: 6 April, 2021

Building a team of people: 

  • brings in different skills, knowledge, experience and ideas 

  • will help you share the workload and time pressures

  • will help you promote your activity and fund your activity

  • will make sure your activity goes ahead even if you can’t make it on the day 

I have a fantastic, skilled team around me who can deliver elements of the support and care that are needed to help the homeless community. These include a lady from Trafford Housing Group and a drugs and rehabilitation worker

GedSkullfades Foundation

The kind of people you need in your team 

You need people who: 

  • complement your own strengths and weaknesses 

  • believe in the reason you’re organising the activity

  • you can rely on  

  • have a ‘can do’ personality and attitude  

  • will inspire others to come along 

  • represent the audience or community you’re trying to help. They’ll have some understanding of their needs and wants 

  • have experience of organising activities

Let people in your team run with ideas that use their own skills. One of our team plays the gong so we now do free gong bath meditation sessions in one of our buildings for the community

RachelHulme Community Garden Centre

Decide what roles you need 

If you’ve already made a list of the things you need help with, look again at this. 

Look at the skills you’ll need. For example: physical work, financial tasks, technical or digital tasks. 

This will help you work out how many people you’ll need. 

Make sure you: 

  • keep the numbers in your team manageable 

  • play to the strengths of each person 

  • pair people up to work together  

We need people with specific skills so that they can fulfil a particular role and do it well

AndyMossley Soup

Where to find the right people  

Once you’ve worked out the main roles, tasks, skills and qualities you need it will help you to find the right people. 

For more information on where to find people, look at: 

I put the feelers out at work to see if there was anyone interested in starting something with me. And there was!

PhilStretford Uke

Share out tasks to each team member 

Delegation is an important skill. It’s not something that comes easily to most of us because we don’t like asking other people to do things.  

Sharing out tasks: 

  • gives people ownership of the things that they’re confident and happy to do  

  • shows you trust people in your team 

  • gives you time to focus on the things only you can do 

To match people to tasks, ask everyone to write down the skills they have and the tasks they’re interested in. 

Dealing with difficult situations 

There will always be the occasional awkward moment where people are involved.  

The best way to deal with a difficult situation is to: 

  • listen to the person’s issue or problem 

  • have a chat with the person as soon as you can 

  • gather any facts but be careful not to build a case against someone 

  • think about whether there might be a personal reason behind the issue 

  • find the person a different role they’re more suited to 

  • keep communicating with the person 

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