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Top tips on how to organise a community event

We’ve brought together advice from people who organise activities and events in the community.

Last updated: 31 March, 2020

1. Talk to your community about your event idea 

Try to: 

  • involve people to get their opinions and raise awareness 

  • ask if they think your idea benefits their community 

  • find out who can help you

Before you startPromote your event

2. Make a budget plan for your event

Try to think about: 

  • all the things you might need money for 

  • how many people to budget for

  • how you’ll cover the costs 

Fund your event

3. Think about the kind of venue you need

Try to think about: 

  • the size and location of the venue 

  • the facilities  

  • whether it’s accessible    

Find a venue

4. Work out what you need help with 

Try to: 

  • make a list of everything you need help with

  • decide how many people you need to help you

  • make people feel part of your event plans 

Get volunteers

5. Tell people about your event

Try to: 

  • work out who you want to come to your event 

  • promote your event in the right places

  • tell people about the benefits of going to your event  

Promote your event

6. Keep it simple 

Try to: 

  • start small and learn as you grow 

  • keep in mind who you’re trying to help 

  • enjoy yourself 

Not everything will go to plan the first time you organise a community event or activity. Don’t let that put you off. Keep going!  

My advice is to find other people who can do things better than you. You don’t have to do everything.

Ruth Hannan
Gorgeous Gorse Hill

Talk to Natalie

Natalie is a Co-op Member Pioneer who helps bring people together to improve local communities. Find out more about Member Pioneers.

I’ve been a Co-op store manager for 5 years and jumped at the chance of being a Member Pioneer. I’m passionate about community and want to make a difference to people’s lives. I’ll put you in touch with other Member Pioneers in your community who can advise and help

Natalie Evans
Member Pioneer

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