How to stay healthy and entertained at home

Last updated: 23 August, 2021

It’s important to stay healthy and entertained at home: 

  • for your physical and mental wellbeing 

  • if you’re currently working from home 

  • if you’re juggling work and home schooling 

  • if you’re self isolating  

What you need 

  • a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone with an in-built camera and microphone 

  • access to wifi 

  • an imagination 

  • patience 

Top tips 

1Look after your mental wellbeing

It’s normal to not feel great sometimes.

Finding ways to keep busy and active should help. If you need them there are online resources and apps to help with your mental health. 

The NHS apps library has a list of NHS approved apps to help with your mental health.  

The headspace app is popular and has a free 2-week free trial. You can download it from your phone’s app store or go to the headspace website.  

2Keep in touch with people

As well as using the phone and messages, you might want to use video calls to keep in contact with people.  

There are lots of different ways to make video calls. Some depend on what kind of device you use.  


Facetime is video calling for people with an apple device, like an iPhone, iPad or mac computer. You and the person you’re calling both need to be on an apple device. Sometimes people say ‘facetime’ when they mean any type of video call, the way that people say ‘hoover’ instead of vacuum cleaner. 

Whatsapp video calls  

Whatsapp is a free app that you can use on most smartphones, tablet or computer. You can use it to: 

  • message  

  • call  

  • video call  

  • leave voice notes 

You can have video calls in groups, not just one on one.  

You can download the app from your device’s app store or go to the whatsapp website.  


Skype is an app that you can use on most smartphones, tablet or computer. You can use it to message, and for video calls.  

 You can download the app from your device’s app store or go to the skype website.   


Zoom is a video conferencing app that you can use on most smartphones, tablet or computer. 

You can download the app from your device’s app store or go to the Zoom website.  

Google hangouts  

You can use Google hangouts on most smartphones, tablets or computers. You can use it to message, and for video calls. You and the person you want to speak to need an account with google.   

If you have a google account you can download the app from your device’s app store. If you don’t have a google account go to and click on “create an account”.  

3Stay physically fit and active

It might not be easy to stay fit and active when you’re indoors. If you’re not used to trying to keep fit at home there are lots of things you can try. See what suits you best.  

Online fitness   

If you go to a local class, check whether the instructor also does an online version. A lot of local yoga classes and personal trainers are now doing this on top of their normal classes.

YouTube is packed with fitness videos. Whether you’d like to try a HIIT class, yoga or anything in between, there is a video for everything.  

Lots of the old celebrity fitness DVDs that used to be popular are available for free. Search

You can try: 

 Fitness apps with free trials  

You can download these fitness apps: 

4Cook and bake

Making healthy meals, and having fun baking, is a great way to pass the time and get creative. But it might be difficult when we sometimes have limited stocks in the kitchen.  

You can try: 

5Use the time to learn

Online courses  

Try these free online courses at: 

Take a virtual trip to a museum, gallery or zoo 

You can explore: 

 Learn a language 

You can learn languages for free at: 

6Listen to music or podcasts

Music lifts our spirits and can be calming in stressful situations. 

You can download: 

Lots of venues and orchestras round the world are live streaming concerts.  

You can listen and watch: 

7Read or listen to books

The world is full of books you can read for free.  

There are books for all tastes. Read thousands of books for free at: 

You can listen to audio books by downloading: 

8Watch TV

Most subscription services offer a free trial if you haven’t used them before. You can also get another free trial if you use a different email address to create a new account. 

Free trials are usually a week, 2 weeks, a month, or 3 months.  

You will need to give your payment details. Make sure you make a note of the date the free trial ends so that you can cancel the subscription if you don’t want to keep it, or you’ll get charged.  

You can download:  


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