How to look after your mental wellbeing

Last updated: 14 April, 2020

It’s important to look after your mental wellbeing:  

  • to feel good in yourself and connected to others 

  • to cope with stress in times of uncertainty 

  • during this time of social distancing (staying away from other people) 

What you need 

  • a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone  

  • access to wifi  

  • pens and a notebook (optional)  

Top tips  

1Practice self-care

During these difficult times it’s essential to treat yourself as well as possible: 

  • make sure you’re getting enough sleep 

  • eat a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and stay hydrated 

  • try to maintain a routine of waking up, getting ready and sleeping at the same time each day 

  • be kind to yourself – if you feel like resting, then allow yourself to do so 


Exercise releases lots of endorphins and reduces anxiety. If you feel up to it you could try: 

Look at our guide on how to keep fit during lockdown for more inspiration. 

3Keep a journal

Writing in a private journal every day can help you to work through your thoughts and reduce stress. Some journal ideas could be: 

  • checking in with yourself and how you’re feeling 

  • reflecting on what’s happened during your day 

  • working through something that you’re going through 

4Create support networks

It’s useful to have a group of family and friends that you can check in with. There are plenty of ways to stay in touch during this time: 


Meditation can help you to better handle negative feelings and emotions and reduce anxiety. There are plenty of support materials out there: 

6Seek professional help

This is a very overwhelming time and sometimes we may need professional help. There are lots of resources to help, such as:  

  • the government guidance on how to look after your mental wellbeing 

  • Mind, the mental health charity’s website, which offers information and support 

  • phone calls with the Samaritans 

  • online GP services, who can help you get the support you need 

  • counsellors who are offering their services online 

7Look out for others

Helping other people can give you a sense of purpose.  

Look at our Coronavirus: ways you can help your community page for some ideas.  

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