How to learn new skills

Last updated: 20 April, 2020

It’s a great time to learn new skills:   

  • to keep entertained while at home 

  • for physical and mental wellbeing 

What you need 

  • a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone  

  • access to wifi  

  • pens and a notebook 

  • cooking and baking ingredients (optional) 

  • cooking and baking utensils (optional) 

  • food storage containers (optional) 

  • craft kits (optional) 

  • paints and paint brushes (optional) 

  • colouring crayons or felt tip pens (optional) 

Top tips 

1Learn how to cook and bake

Use this time at home to improve your culinary skills with some online tutorials: 

You can also look at our guide on How to find cooking and baking inspiration

2Learn a new language

If you’re keen to brush up on language skills now could be an ideal time: 

3Learn arts and crafts

Arts and crafts allow us to be ‘in the moment’ and can focus our attention: 

4Learn how to write

Writing is a great creative outlet that captures your attention. To practice: 

5Learn digital skills

With an increased focus on digital, why not brush up on some of your skills? You could try: 

6Learn how to paint and draw

Painting and drawing can be very relaxing and there are plenty of ways to learn the skills, such as: 

7Learn for your career

The lockdown may now give you the time and opportunity to complete more training for your career. Check out the following: 



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