How to keep your child entertained at home

Last updated: 23 August, 2021

It’s important to keep your child entertained while spending time at home:  

  • for physical and mental wellbeing 

  • to give you chance to do fun things together as a family 

What you need 

  • a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone with an in-built camera and microphone 

  • access to wifi  

  • pencils, pens and paper 

  • materials for arts and crafts (optional) 

  • board games (optional) 

  • an imagination  

  • patience 

Top tips  

1Play some games

Keep your child active by playing games around the house. You could try: 

  • a scavenger hunt where you hide items between A to Z around the house for your child to find 

  • recreating the Olympics using items and the layout of your house to carry out each sport – supervise your children at all times

  • playing board games together 

2Make things together

Now is a great opportunity to unleash some of your child’s creativity and get them making things. You could try: 

  • building a den using cushions and sheets, or outdoor items for an outdoor den 

  • making a rainbow to put in your front window to symbolise togetherness and supporting one another 

  • creating homemade finger puppets from old socks  

3Get arty

Drawing, arts and crafts are a great way to unwind for yourself and your child. Some ideas for art projects include:  

4Try some music

Now could be the time to turn your attention to your musical talents. You can find inspiration with: 

5Spend some time in nature

Being with nature can lift the spirits. If you’re able you could: 

6Take virtual tours

We may not be able to go out but there are many virtual tours that can bring the sights to your home, such as: 

7Get active

It’s important to stay as active as possible when spending time indoors. There are plenty of resources helping children to stay active while at home, such as: 

  • Change 4 Life who are offering Disney themed indoor activities for children 

  • Les Mills have been hosting YouTube exercise videos for children where they can learn to move like the Avengers 

  • Go Noodle offers exercise and mindfulness videos for kids  


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