How to get support safely

Last updated: 23 August, 2021

Many people need support in communities. Getting support safely means you can: 

  • protect yourself 

  • protect the people who are supporting you 


Data protection 

If a volunteer calls at your home, ask for ID. Only give them information when you have seen their ID. Genuine volunteers have been instructed not to enter your home. 

To be able to support you, the volunteer may need to know some personal information about you, for example your: 

  • address 

  • phone number 

  • family details 

  • medical information 

Only give them the minimum information they need to complete the service. Do not feel any pressure to give any information you do not feel comfortable giving.  

Do not share any:

  • bank details

  • credit or debit card numbers

  • PINs

  • passwords

The volunteer's responsibility

Volunteers must not share your details with anyone. 

Contact the organisation they’re volunteering through if you think they have: 

  • asked for personal information they do not need 

  • shared your personal information with somebody they shouldn’t have 

  • breached any other data protection laws 

If you are concerned about anyone who approaching you claiming to be a volunteer,  do not speak to them.

Report serious suspicious behaviour to the police. 

Withholding your phone number 

If a volunteer does not need to have your phone number, dial 141 before the number you call. 


You may get support from anyone that a group or organisation has matched to help you. Treat them with respect, whatever their background or beliefs 

Do not: 

  • exclude or treat people differently because of their background or beliefs 

  • ignore any unacceptable behaviour towards others – report this to the group who the person is volunteering for 

 Report serious unacceptable behaviour to the police. 

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