How to get started: Co-op Local Community Fund

Last updated: 14 October, 2021

If you applied for the Co-op Local Community Fund in 2021 and were successful, this guide is for you.

The more Co-op members that choose your cause and shop with us, the more funds your cause will raise.

So, it’s important to promote your cause as part of the Local Community Fund. And encourage more members to choose you.  

Let’s get started. 

How the fund works 

From 24 October 2021 to 22 October 2022 Co-op members can choose to raise funds for your cause. 

For every £1 members spend on selected Co-op branded products and services, 2p will go into their membership account.

The same amount will support community organisations and local causes like you.

We spilt this equally between: 

  • Local Community Fund. Members have raised £84 million for over 25,000 causes since 2016

  • Community Partnerships Fund. Co-op work with like-minded national organisations to create lasting change on the issues we care about

To collect rewards and contribute to your cause, members must swipe or scan their membership card when they shop. If they do not, you will miss out on funds.

It's important you encourage your supporters to become Co-op members.

Important dates

  • Funding period opens on 24 October 2021 

  • First payment in April 2022 

  • Funding period ends on 22 October 2022 

  • Final payment in November 2022 

  • Applications open again in Spring 2022 

Top tips to promote your cause and raise funds

1Watch our online welcome video

April Armstrong and Kevin Duffy from the Local Community Fund team hosted an online welcome event on 27 October 2021.

They explained more about how the fund works and answered your questions.

To watch the recording, click this video link.

2Share your page on social media

Your cause has a dedicated page on our membership website. This explains who you are and what you do, encouraging Co-op members to choose your cause.

Find the link to your page in your welcome email from

We’d love to know how you’re promoting your cause. So that we can follow your updates, and share them with our followers too, use the hashtag #ItsWhatWeDo 

Make sure to follow @coopuk across all social media channels.

3Download promotional materials

To help promote your cause, you can use these editable posters and social media materials:

Facebook cover photo in English

Facebook cover photo in Welsh

Twitter header in English

Twitter header in Welsh

A3 poster PDF in English

A3 poster PDF in Welsh

You can use the Co-op logo in blue and white on materials you may be creating. First, please read about how to use our logo.

If you’re thinking about emailing your local newspaper, use this email template.

4Join the Co-op communities Facebook group

You can connect with other local causes at the Co-op Communities Facebook group

5Meet your local Member Pioneer

We have Member Pioneers in every community. They are your community contact, who you can give you tips, support and advice about how to promote your cause.

To get started, contact a Member Pioneer Co-ordinator who can introduce you to your local Member Pioneer.

Member Pioneers and Co-ordinators work part time and will get back to you as soon as they can.

6Advertise for free in your local community

It helps to promote your cause in person as well as online. 

Contact the manager at your local Co-op food store and funeral home to find out how they can help.

For example, every Co-op food store has a community noticeboard. Why not ask if you can use this space?

Find a Co-op food store near you

Find a Co-op funeral home near you.

If something changes 

It's important to let us know if:  

  • one of the two contacts you gave us leaves

  • your bank details change 

  • you need to change the project that you use the funding for   

Please email us, so that we can help:

Include your cause ID in your email. It's 5 digits long and is on the emails that the Local Community Fund team send you.

Apply to become a cause from 3 May 2022  

We choose new causes every 12 months.

We support projects that are not run for private profit, but for the benefit of the local community.

Each year we support different projects. This year we're supporting projects that:

  • help to protect biodiversity or tackle climate change by reducing carbon emissions

Share your story

Do you have a story about how your community has come together to support each other?

We'd love to share your story on our website to encourage other people to get or offer support.

Share your story

Find things to do and groups that support your community