How to find cooking and baking inspiration

Last updated: 23 August, 2021

It’s important to think about cooking to help you:

  • plan your budget  

  • plan your shopping list 

  • make the most of your food shopping trips  

What you need 

  • a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone  

  • access to wifi  

  • pens and a notebook 

  • food storage containers 

 Top tips  

1Consider food delivery

Getting a delivery could save you a trip to the supermarket and support local businesses. 

You can: 

  • look for local delivery services in your area from independent stores  

  • get same day delivery on your shop with Co-op Delivery (only available in selected areas) or via Co-op on Deliveroo  

2Think about how you store food

To make food last longer you can think about how it is stored. You could:  

3Grow your own

You might want to try growing your own food. You can:  

  • regrow some vegetables indoors with just water and sunlight 

  • grow your own food with advice from the Royal Horticultural Society

4Check out recipes

These recipes might give you some inspiration: 

‘Finding inspiration’ recipes 

Budget recipes 

Batch cooking recipes 

Store cupboard recipes

Healthy recipes 

Baking recipes 

5Learn how to cook and bake

There are plenty of cookery classes that will help:  

6Ask for help

If you need help getting food or paying for food there is help available:  


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