How to find activities for over 50s

Last updated: 23 August, 2021

Finding activities will help you: 

  • connect with other people  

  • keep busy 

  • stay active 

What you need  

  • a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone  

  • access to wifi 

  • an adventurous spirit 

Top tips  

1. Connect with others

It’s important to stay connected with people:

2. Go back in time

It’s great to reminisce and think about ‘the old days’.

  • BBC Rewind allows you to select a theme or decade and look back on photo, audio or video content  

  • trace your family history at ancestry 

3. Keep your mind working

Exercising your mind is just as important as keeping your body active. Keep your brain active and try free online puzzles: 

4. Get creative

You might want to learn something new. Try: 

5. Stay fit

Keeping yourself fit is important for your physical and mental wellbeing. 

6. Explore the world from your living room

Experience great sights and sounds around the world. There are many experiences you can try: 

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