How to attend online activities

Last updated: 23 August, 2021

Attending an online activity will: 

  • help you connect with other people  

  • mean you can still learn, chat and share  

  • more than likely, be free  

What you need  

To watch a pre-recorded event 

  • a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone 

  • access to wifi   

To contribute to a live event 

  • a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone with an in-built camera and microphone 

  • access to wifi 

  • a quiet room 

Top tips  

1Master the basics

If you’re new to the internet or need a reminder of how to access things online, there are short courses you can do. 

You can try courses that cover the basics including using the internet and using search engines at

2Find an online activity

There are lots of activities you can take part in. You can:

3Sign up to attend or see the activity

Many groups across the UK run online activities.

If you regularly attend a local group or activity, the organiser may have sent you an email with details of how to access it online.  

You’ll either be able to: 

  • view a recording of the activity immediately  

  • sign up to attend a live stream of an activity. This will mean that the organiser includes a link in the email or social media message they’ve sent you that allows you join at a specific time and date  

The activity will either be: 

  • a closed group which means that only people who are invited will be able to access the link 

  • available for anyone to attend, with the link publicly viewable in an activity listing    

4Find a quiet room

It can be hard to hear with distractions so try and find a room away from other people in your home. 

You’ll need a room with a bit of space if the activity is physical. For example: a yoga or keep fit class 

5Attend a live stream of an activity

On the date and time that the activity is due to take place, select the link that you’ve been sent by the event organiser. 

You might be asked to type your name in before you can join. 

You’ll be asked whether you want to connect your camera and microphone. Connecting both means you’ll be able to speak to other guests during the activity, and they’ll be able to see you.   

You can also turn the camera and microphone off at any point. If you do this you’ll still be able to see and hear the person who is running the activity. They just won’t be able to see or hear you.    If you have trouble accessing the activity try: 

  • unjoining and joining again using the same link 

  • looking for a way to send an online message – a lot of streaming services have a messaging option which alerts the other people who are there  

6Let the organiser know what you thought

It can be hard for the organiser to know if people enjoyed the event and to get any feedback about what worked and what didn’t. It can encourage them to do future activities if you let them know what you thought.   

Make it for everyone 

  • try not to talk when other people are talking  

  • if you’re in a busy environment ‘mute’ your microphone when you’re not talking  

  • if you need to speak to someone you live with, ‘mute’ your microphone 

  • introduce yourself when you start speaking  

  • speak clearly  

Useful websites 

BT: video conferencing etiquette  

Tips on how to be courteous online  

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