Fundraise for your activity

Fundraising is fun and rewarding. It brings lots of people together and gives small community groups and individuals a chance to raise money through donations.

Last updated: 6 April, 2021


  • is a great way to promote your activity and raise awareness of the need you’re trying to meet  

  • gives potential volunteers a way of supporting your event without directly being involved in it

  • is a great way to meet like-minded people who share your passion for the community

  • is seen as 'donated income' which means you can choose how you use the money

We had no idea where to start with applying for grants and funding, so we started fundraising. This was the most familiar method for us to raise money

KarenCycling without Age, Trafford

Ways you can fundraise 

People come up with more inventive ways to fundraise every year and will often think of creative ideas they have an interest in. 

Here are a few traditional ideas: 

  • Car washes 

  • Bag packing 

  • Summer and Christmas fairs 

  • Bake sales 

  • Walk-a-thons 

  • Fun runs 

  • Picnics 

  • Film nights 

  • Raffles 

  • Head shaves 

  • Obstacle course 

We decided to put on a fun run in Urmston. We thought it would be a great way to raise loads of money and awareness of our cause

ClaireUrmston 5K Fun Run

Find people to help you fundraise 

The beauty of fundraising is that everyone can choose to fundraise in their own way. 

Each person will play to their own strengths and interests. How much they can help you will depend on the time they have and their commitment to your cause.  

You’ll need people: 

  • with a motivating personality who can inspire others  

  • who are methodical and reliable to handle behind the scenes activities 

For inspiration on where to find people to help, look at Build a team

I wanted to raise money for a cancer charity after suffering with the illness myself. Storytelling Club were all eager to get involved. We’ve run afternoon tea events in local cafes with our most successful raising over £700 in 2 hours

SharonThe Success Stories Club

Ways people can donate 

There are now a lot of online fundraising platforms which help community groups and charities raise money. 

Here are a few:

  • Crowdfunder uses crowdfunding to raise small amounts of funds from a large amount of people

  • ActionFunder is a platform that lets you pitch for funding and matches you to the right funders for your project

  • Justgiving was one of the first fundraising platforms on the scene. In March 2019 it removed its platform fee of 5% 

  • LocalGiving is aimed at local community groups. It takes a processing fee of 5% 

  • operates on a much smaller scale with 600 charities listed. There are no processing fees or membership charges  

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