Apply for funding

Money can help you organise an event that has more impact on the people you want to reach.

Last updated: 7 April, 2022

Finding that money isn’t always easy but applying for funding is a tried and tested way you can raise money. 

Applying for funding: 

  • focuses your time on raising a certain amount of money 

  • is easier to manage than community fundraising 

  • can help you promote your activity or idea through other communication channels. For example: local council websites 

  • can help you focus on creating a detailed budget plan

Although applying for funding can sometimes be daunting, it’s often needed to truly kick start something in the community

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What to consider when applying for funding 

You should:

  • be clear on what you want the money for and how much you need 

  • show how you’ve worked out how much you need 

  • show that you’ve done your research 

  • focus on how your activity will benefit people and the wider community  

Where to apply for funding 

Research local funding providers and focus your applications on those that want to: 

  • meet the same need as you  

  • fund the same geographical area  

  • fund the same target audience or group 

You can apply for funding online at: 

We used the Co-op Local Community Fund. This helped us raise £750 which allowed us to buy tents and take the children away camping

Jacques248th Manchester Scouts Leader

Find other ways to get funding 

Look at Find support from local businesses and community groups

Soup events

Soup events are growing in popularity in the UK. They’re crowdfunding events that bring together individuals and community groups who pitch their ideas to a room full of locals.  

Everyone who turns up gives a donation, listens, enjoys some soup and votes on the idea they think is best. The winner gets to take home all the money raised on the door. 

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