Wilton Windmill Society

We're a group who want to maintain Wilton Windmill and enable access to the windmill by the public.


Wilton, SN8 3SW
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We’re trying to make things better for anyone with an interest in heritage. We do this by maintaining the windmill, running guided tours and refreshments and open days, milling wheat, selling flour.

What we need

  • People to join the group
  • People to attend the group's activities

Volunteer for the group

Anyone who has an interest can volunteer, we are always looking for volunteers who can:

  • mill or learn to mill

  • bag flour

  • work in the shepherd's hut shop

  • do guided tours

  • help with the committee

  • help with projects

  • help on open days

Tasks we need help with

  • Helping to run the group or activity
  • Admin
  • Fundraising
  • Being on the committee (for example trustee, secretary)
  • Maintenance and upkeep of community spaces

Organised by Susie Brew

Wilton Windmill is the only working windmill in the South West and for many years I was Secretary of the Wilton Windmill Association.

I now help out with marketing and social media as well as on the open days. It is very rewarding to know that I am contributing to the continued success of a 200 year old building, still doing what it was built to do all those years ago.

So many people get so much pleasure from the windmill - it is very heart-warming to know you are part of it.