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Ryhope Allstars Marching Band

We're a group who want to encourage participation for all ages and gender.


Ryhope, SR3 2TR
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We’re trying to make things better for local people and been part of our community. We do this by keeping an old tradition going and still going strong after 60 years.

What we need

  • People to join the group
  • People to attend the group's activities
  • Donations
  • Equipment or resources

Equipment or resources we need

We are looking to replace some of our instruments, such as drums and kazoos.

Organised by Susan Metcalf

The band was founded by my mom in 1961 and I joined when I was 3 years old.

I have marched in the band over the many years and we are celebrating the band's 60th birthday next year.

I am now Secretary of the band and feel so proud to be part of something that I have grown up with.