Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership

We're a group who want to help improve the local economy through tourism.


Vale of Pewsey, SN9 5AA
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We’re trying to make things better for anyone who lives in, works in or visits the Vale of Pewsey. We do this by promoting the area, businesses and things to do, encourage activities and support businesses so that we have a healthy local economy which in turn provides jobs.

What we need

  • People to join the group

Volunteer for the group

We are looking for anyone who might be able to help with:

  • limited website updates

  • projects

  • delivering leaflets once a year

Tasks we need help with

  • Helping to run the group or activity
  • Admin
  • Marketing and social media
  • Fundraising

Organised by Susie Brew

I am the Coordinator for the Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership and we started in 2015.

I really enjoy my role and helping our small business community. You get to meet lots of very interesting people and find out about their businesses.

It is very fulfilling when you see a successful project being delivered or get positive feedback from our members.