Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue

We're a group who want to align with Mountain Rescue, Cave Rescue, HM Coastguard, RNLI and other Search and Rescue services to help find missing and vulnerable people.


Cambridgeshire, PE15 8ED
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We’re trying to make things better for missing and vulnerable people and their families. We do this by providing Cambridgeshire Constabulary with an emergency specially-trained team in the search for vulnerable missing persons.

What we need

  • People to join the group
  • People to attend the group's activities
  • Donations

Equipment or resources we need

  • Medical and safety equipment

Organised by Gilly Bamber

I have been part of Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue (CamSAR ) for 3 years. The team are professional and conduct continuous training for all members.

When the team come together for training, fundraising or for a callout the common denominator of wanting to assist vulnerable people and their families in an emergency response binds us together as a family.