3 Valley Vegans

We're a group who want to inform and support people moving towards healthy vegan lifestyle.


Upper Calder Valley, West Yorkshire, OL14 5NJ
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We’re trying to make things better for residents of all ages in Calderdale. We do this by hosting socials, cookery demos, market stalls, writing newsletters and using social media.

What we need

  • People to join the group
  • People to attend the group's activities
  • Donations

Equipment or resources we need

  • TVs, projectors and audio

Volunteer for the group

We are always interested in hearing from people who like to cook, talk, listen, write, design or co-ordinate events. There are many opportunities at 3 Valley Vegans for volunteering.

Sometimes people can talk to the public at our information stalls, some people like to demonstrate their cooking skills or share recipes, some like to write blog posts about their experiences going or staying vegan.

We are always keen to hear from those who wish to organise and lead events! There are not set dates/times, the equipment varies between tasks but we will train and provide as much as possible.

Tasks we need help with

  • Helping to run the group or activity
  • Marketing and social media
  • Preparing and serving food and drink

Organised by Phil Reed

I became involved in the group within a few months of moving to the area, around summer 2014.

In that time, I have helped by creating posters, videos, newsletters and webpages. I became the Chair in 2018 and have enjoyed passing on my experience teaching digital skills to others.

I can see the difference the group has made, providing people with ideas and inspiration to reduce their impact on the environment and improve their health. I'm particularly proud of our fair in 2017 where we got the local mayor to pledge to go vegan for a month.