Ways you can help your community

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We want to make it easier for you to find the volunteers you need. Maybe you need a group of people to clean up an outdoor space, or a couple of people to put chairs and tables away at an event.

How we help you

We can help you get volunteers by:

  • advertising your volunteering opportunity on our website for free
  • contacting the people who are interested with information about the role

How it works

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2. Review

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3. Publish

We’ll show the opportunity on our website and connect you with people who want to volunteer.

Examples of volunteering opportunities

Serving tea and coffee

Weeding, planting or tidying

Chatting to people

Delivering leaflets or putting up posters

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Some of our volunteering opportunities

Co-operate helped me find volunteers for my wildflower community garden event

MarjFriends of Coppice Library

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