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Success Stories: True tales

Share great stories or relax and listen to other people

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Date and time

Monday 13 July 2020





Enjoy telling or listening to true tales at the Success Stories Club.

The tales will be about the storytellers or the people in their lives.

The stories can be funny, outrageous, heart-warming or heart-breaking.They can be about you, your granny or your favourite teacher.

The only rule is that they have to be true or mostly true. A bit of embellishment is allowed. We are storytellers after all.

This will be a real challenge for our tellers.

Poets, musicians and storytellers all compete for the audience vote for the best performance of the night to secure a place in our prestigious Storyteller of the Year contest.

Community benefit

  • Provides a chance to socialise and make new friends from the local area
  • Common interest group


The Excelsior Club, M33 3FJ

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