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Nature for Health and Wellbeing

Forage for materials to use in your artwork

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Date and time

Every Friday

1.30pm to 3.30pm




Take part in short accessible nature walks in the local area and forage for materials to use in your artwork.

Use nature as the basis for making personal items to take home.

You will also learn how to incorporate batik techniques.

Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied on whole cloth to create 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional pieces.

Volunteers needed

Contact the organiser for more information.

Community benefit

  • Provides a chance to socialise and make new friends from the local area
  • Supports the mental or physical health of a community through wellbeing activities
  • Helps people reach their full potential by developing their skills


Inkwell Arts, LS7 3LW

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