A person meditating with their hands and feet at the centre of focus.
  • All abilities
  • Drop-in sessions
  • Indoors

Mindfulness – Wellbeing Tuesdays

Learn how to find inner calmness at drop-in mindfulness sessions

Are you going?

Date and time

Every Tuesday

10.45am to 11.45am


Discount available


Mindfulness – Wellbeing Tuesdays helps you:

  • explore different styles of meditation including mantra, loving kindness and mindfulness
  • relax, find inner calmness and create a happier, healthier state of mind

Community benefit

  • Supports the upkeep of a community space
  • People pay what they can afford

Read on the Co-op blog how the community saved Stretford Public Hall.


Stretford Public Hall, M32 8HB

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