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Film Club: The Rainmaker

Enjoy a screening of classic and vintage movies

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Date and time

Monday 9 March 2020

2pm to 4pm




Come and join us to see films like Casablanca, Sunset Boulevard, Marilyn Monroe films or similar features on a big screen.

We provide a range of films in black and white and colour including dramas, comedies, musicals and film noir.

If you're a film buff and like vintage films then this is the place for you.

Price includes tea, coffee, biscuits and a choc ice.

Community benefit

  • Use of a community space
  • Provides a chance to socialise and make new friends from the local area
  • Supports the mental or physical health of a community through wellbeing activities
  • Run by volunteers
  • Dementia friendly


The Sharples Building, M41 9EH

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