Coronavirus: ways you can help your community

There are lots of ways you can help people in your community. We’ve pulled together some of them.

Offer support

If you'd like to support people in your community, here's how you can offer support. Or if you need support we can connect you to groups who can help.

Other ways you can help people locally

You can:

Volunteer with recognised organisations

Sign up to volunteer at:

Support people to get fairer access to food

You can:

Help people with money worries

You can:

Help people with legal worries

You can:

  • guide them to Citizens Advice for free, independent and confidential advice on any legal issues they're facing during the Covid-19 pandemic

  • listen in to a free talk to understand how to help vulnerable family members with a Lasting Power of Attorney

  • share online information from credible legal specialists about difficulties during the pandemic such as furlough leave and cohabiting issues


Share accurate advice

For advice on what to do if you, or someone you know, has symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), visit the NHS website or GOV.UK.

You can also signpost people to: 

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